Getting Around Town

This page provides vocabulary aimed at helping you get around town. At the bottom, you will see well-known cities listed in their original Seneca language.


Kanötayë’ (kah-noh-tah-yeh) Town/City

  • Tënödeyë:sta’ (teh-noh-day-yeh-stah) School

  • Ga:yádöshä’ (gah-yah-doh-s-ha) Library

  • Hënó’swatá’geh (heh-noh’swah-tah’geh) Fire department

  • Hade:jë'sgeh (hah-day-jay-s-geh) Doctor's office

  • Hade'sehdö:nisgeh (hah-day-seh-doh-nees-geh) Mechanic's

  • Dwatgéö’ (dwaht-geh-oh) Store

  • Wa:gö’ dwatgéö’ (wah-goh’ dwaht-geh-oh) Grocery store

              **** Note: Wa:gö’ means foods (See “Foods” subheader)

  • Ga:yádöshä’ dwatgéö' Bookstore

              **** Note: Ga:yádöshä’ means library (see above)


Ga’dä:gësgë:ö’ (gah’da-geh-sgeh-oh) Cattaraugus Reservation 

Dó:šo:wë:h (doh-shoh-weh) Buffalo

Ohi:yo’ (oh-hee-yo) Allegany Reservation. Literally means ‘good river.’

Ta:nöwöde’ (tah-noh-woh-day) Tonawanda Reservation

Tga:no’s (t-gah-noh-s) Oil Springs Reservation

Tganödä:gwëh (t-gah-noh-dah-gweh) Canandaigua

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