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Asking Questions

*** Note: To ask a question, raise your inflection at the end of the sentence as you would in English. ***


Sö:h (soh) Who?

Dë'ëh (deh-eh) What?

     Dë'ëh niyoje:ëh (deh-eh nee-yoh-jay-eh) What is happening?

Ga:weh (gah-wey) Where?

Wë:döh (weh-doh) When?

Do:h (doh) How much / How many?

Dë’ëh go:wa:h (dey-ey goh-wah) Why?


Dë’ëh ni:s šya:soh? (deh’eh nees shah-soh) What are you called? 

            Answered with: __(Name)_ gya:söh (________ gyah-soh) 

ša:söh (shah-soh) you are called.

haya:söh (hah-yah-soh) he is called

yeya:söh (yay-yah-soh) she is called 

gaya:söh (gah-yah-soh) it is called

hadiyasöh (ha-dee-yah-soh) they are called


Ga:weh ni:s’ah? (gah-wey nees’ah) Where are you?

            Gëhsë’ (geh-seh) I’m at home

            Agío’de’ (ah-gee-oh’dey) I’m working

           Ögi:da’ (oh-gee-dah) I went to asleep

*** Note: The “de’” prefix negates the sentiment, i.e. means ‘not’ ***

For example, De'gëhsë (dey-geh-seh): I'm not at home.

Another example, perhaps a relevant response if you are lost is, "Di-gwah, da'agënöhdö' (dee-gwah dah-ah-geh-no-doh), meaning "I really do not know."


Ga:weh snöge'? (gah-weh snoh-gay) Where do you live?

Dë′ëh niwënitsi:yo′dëh? (“dey-ey nee-weh-nee-tsee-yoh’deh”) What’s the weather like?

     Oto:we’ (“oh-toh-way”) It’s cold                                                

     One:nö′ (“oh-nay-noh”) It’s hot

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